RICCIO SAETTA (Stylocidaris affinis)

RICCIO SAETTA (Stylocidaris affinis)

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to follow you will find another beautiful scientific card of our friend biologist the dott. Luigi Esposito who helps us to always discover something more about the marine world that we are so passionate about.

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PHYLUM: Echinoderms CLASS: Echinoids

ORDER: Cidaroids FAMILY: Cidarides

DISTRIBUTION: Mediterranean Sea, from 30 m up to 1000 meters deep, on muddy or detrital seabed.

DESCRIPTION: Almost spherical body with sturdy shell. The primary spines, called radioli, are few in number and sparse but very developed, whose basal part is covered by a thick hair. The color is reddish, while the radioli are gray-brown. It feeds mainly on bryozoans, molluscs and sponges.

DIMENSION: The shell reaches a diameter of about 4 – 5 cm.



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